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Home Automation

Many people talk about Smart Housing and Home Automation but don't really understand what it means, so I thought I would give you a simple explanation.

It is basically a system which connects and integrates multiple household features together to be able to be used and controlled easily and effectively as required.

  • Lighting Control
  • Audio Visual and Media
  • Telephone / Internet
  • Computer Networking
  • TV and Video Modulation
  • Security and Access
  • Motorised Blinds and Curtains
  • Irrigation
  • Air Conditioning

The structured wiring system installed throughout the home consists of 3 main parts: high speed wiring, outlets and a hub. The more high speed wiring in your home the better. It enables all the signals and data from all the different equipment and computers to be distributed efficiently throughout the home.

The hub of a structured wiring system is where it all happens. Modules mounted inside the hub have the intelligence to route music, phone calls, satellite programmes, web content and other information to the appropriate device.

It is very important that the wiring inside a home is well organised, connections to wall outlets are well labeled and the ability to modify and add components to the network is simple when there are multiple types of products from PCs and phones to security cameras and TVs talking to each other.

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